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    A blade designed for creative allround players who need to rely on consistent features of their blade in any situation. The 5-ply ALL design is rather thin and is stabilized by two carbon layers. This results in a harmonic combination of great control and precise attacking potential. The GEWO Aruna ALL+ is recommended for players who feel that most OFF...

    61,94 € 78,43 € -21.0221%
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    Ultralight all-round blade for ultimate control. The balsa ply provides for exact and to-the-point feedback when the blade hits ball. With maximum reliability in all playing situations, this extraordinary all-round blade enables precise placement and reduces the number of unforced errors. The built-in CFL Technology provides for excellent speed and...

    32,98 €
  • 35,45 €

    GEWO Zoom Balance ALL combines three premium wood plies Kiri, Ayous to each other. With the inner Ayous plies and a Kiri middle ply, it makes a great combination of balance and feel ("Rubber Impulse"). The layers provide for a large Sweet Spot, good bending strength and unique Power Feedback to meet the requirements of modern table tennis.

    35,45 €
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    Classic wood with great control and very easy to use. Good finishes in finishes and design. Perfect for players who already start to have a good level or who are starting and control predominates at speed.

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    The GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern allround blade of the highest class. Latest materials and the buttery soft Balsa give the wood the feeling that passive play are essential especially in Allroundund. In addition, the Balsa Carbon GEWO 375 has enough clout to start out all over the court in accordance with controlled offensive actions. The ideal wood...

    40,59 € 49,50 € -18%
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items