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Souvenirs and gifts

GEWO Keychain TT-Table

Gewo keychain in silver color with a small green ping-pong table and ping-pong paddles as a pendant. Ring with a diameter of 3 cm Pendant length 3 cm, width 4.5 cm. Stable keychain. Net price.
Souvenirs and gifts

GEWO Keychain TT-Player

Silver Gewo key ring with a small black table tennis player as a pendant. Ring with a diameter of 3 cm Long pendant 5 cm, width 3 cm. Net price.
table tennis cleaning and assembly

GEWO HydroTec Rubber Maintenance Set 100ml

Practical table tennis rubber cleaning set with 1 GEWO Hydro Tec Cleaner 100ml and a synthetic leather sponge for cleaning and maintaining table tennis rubbers. Preserves the grip of the rubbers and increases durability. The practical pump spray allows the liquid to be distributed well, while the high-quality cleaning sponge easily absorbs excess liquid....
The GEWO Offense wood is a very easy to play offensive-oriented basic table tennis racket with 5 layers. For variable and safe topspin variations, hard hitting and precise blocking and counter-attacking. Ideal for offensive-minded beginners or those returning to the game who rely on controlled offense.
A very easy to play offensive carbon blade that was developed in cooperation with GEWO legend Quadri Aruna. Powerful topspin variations and precise blocks and counter strikes. Ideal for offensive-oriented players who rely on pure offensive play.
GEWO Nexxus SuperSelect EL Pro 45 rubber offers maximum precision on every shot. The medium variant of the Nexxus SuperSelect series not only offers high speed, catapult and excellent spin ratings, but is also a lot of fun to play. Thanks to the combination of our SSTT and OTT technologies, the elastic sponge allows the ball to sink into the rubber, which...
The GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect rubber is slightly more flexible and variable, it is the perfect choice for players looking for medium-hard rubbers with maximum performance. The highly tacky top rubber sheet and the energy-charged sponge in combination with the special gluing technique guarantee maximum speed and spin and still provide enough...
Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 53 SuperSelect is the ultimate choice for your offensive game. Its maximum dynamics and speed ratings close to the feasible limit will help you play at your maximum potential. Workmanship and performance with select quality. As the first GEWO rubber to feature the combination of our SSTT and OTT technologies, GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 53...
GEWO Blade In-Force ARC OFF- GEWO Blade In-Force ARC OFF- 2
  • -19.11%
  • New
€73.47 Our previous price €90.83
It all started in 2011 with the GEWO Force ARC Off and now the story continues with the new GEWO Force series. New compositions and materials were combined to meet the requirements of modern high-performance table tennis. The composition of the popular Force ARC Off remains unchanged, while the balance of the racket has been adapted to the demands of the...
GEWO Blade In-Force PBO-PC OFF GEWO Blade In-Force PBO-PC OFF 2
  • -18.53%
  • New
€90.83 Our previous price €111.49
In the Gewo In Force PBO PC OFF blade, the material experts at GEWO, by using PBO-PC fiber for the first time in a GEWO racket, have managed to create a unique combination of wood characteristics. A racket composition that combines stability, speed and touch to obtain a balanced and fairly soft touch, while providing more than enough power reserves for...
GEWO Blade Ex-Force PBO-PC OFF GEWO Blade Ex-Force PBO-PC OFF 2
  • -18.53%
  • New
€90.83 Our previous price €111.49
Gewo Ex-Force PBO-PC Off is a blade that stands out for its hardness, precision and feel. Unlike the In-Force variant, the synthetic fiber of Ex-Force PBO-PC Off is not placed on the core ply but on the thin outer ply of Limba, making this blade a true offensive weapon. Hard topspins and counter-topspins are easy thanks to the new PBO-PC fiber, while the...
GEWO Blade Robles Hinoki...
  • -18.51%
  • New
€94.21 Our previous price €115.62
The new blade designed by Álvaro Robles according to his optimal game preferences, tuned for maximum performance. Based on the wishes and demands of Álvaro Robles, Men's Doubles World Runner-up (2019), we created a perfect racket composition that supports his sophisticated and spin-oriented style of play. The racket is based on the Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off...
Ping pong tables

Table Gewo Indoor Duo 22

GEWO Indoor Duo table with a special 22 mm GEWO playing surface (3tecWOOD premium) guarantees an even and fast ball rebound. The GEWO Table Indoor Duo 22 only requires a minimum storage space of approx. 20cm deep. The running gear is made of high-quality metal and is absolutely stable. Safety devices on each half of the table ensure the necessary safety...
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