Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Balsa Carbón 775

€42.89 Our previous price €53.64
The GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is a modern offensive blade, in which the latest high-tech materials were used. The GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is one of the fastest timber from the GEWO timber program. The 7.75 mm thick balsa middle layer guarantees the players in all offensive actions enormous pace and impact, without neglecting the necessary security and control...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Force ARC

€71.82 Our previous price €90.83
Gewo Force ARC optimally combines high-tech carbon and aramid (ARC) materials with high-quality seasoned wood veneers. The carbon ensures high speed and extreme stability, the aramid a good feel for the ball. Feel the balanced hardness and optimal playing feeling. Consistent playing characteristics over almost the entire racket surface are achieved...
€72.64 Our previous price €90.83
GEWO Aruna Energy ARC OFF, the fastest blade of the Aruna series! combines 5 wooden and 2 aramide carbon fiber plies such that a balanced combination of speed, hardness and control for passive and spin-rich strokes is obtained. If you are looking for the perfect balance of speed and control for powerful attacking without any compromises as regards spin,...
€90.87 Our previous price €115.62
GEWO Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off is very balanced, precise and provides nice and direct feedback. For a carbon blade, it provides great feel and control, and still has more than enough topspin and smashing power and speed. Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off supports all offensive playing systems and still leaves sufficient control options for passive playing. The outer...
€90.83 Our previous price €111.49
Gewo Ex-Force PBO-PC Off is a blade that stands out for its hardness, precision and feel. Unlike the In-Force variant, the synthetic fiber of Ex-Force PBO-PC Off is not placed on the core ply but on the thin outer ply of Limba, making this blade a true offensive weapon. Hard topspins and counter-topspins are easy thanks to the new PBO-PC fiber, while the...
€94.22 Our previous price €115.62
The new blade designed by Álvaro Robles according to his optimal game preferences, tuned for maximum performance. Based on the wishes and demands of Álvaro Robles, Men's Doubles World Runner-up (2019), we created a perfect racket composition that supports his sophisticated and spin-oriented style of play. The racket is based on the Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off...
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