Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Allround Classic

The proven GEWO Allround Classic now comes with a new design, improved playing features and even higher control ratings. You will have the right response to any ball. Ultimate ball control in any situation. Thanks to its excellent features, the GEWO Allround Classic has become a real classic. With its balanced control and tremendous feel for the ball, you...
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The GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern allround blade of the highest class. Latest materials and the buttery soft Balsa give the wood the feeling that passive play are essential especially in Allroundund. In addition, the Balsa Carbon GEWO 375 has enough clout to start out all over the court in accordance with controlled offensive actions. The ideal wood...
Table tennis Blades

Blade GEWO Talent ALL Fl

The GEWO Talent ALL Blade has been created to provide young talents with the best possible material from the start in table tennis, the result being the new Talent ALL and Talent OFF models. Particular attention was paid to shaping child-friendly handles, which were adapted to the proportions of children's hands in terms of strength, thickness and length....
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Youngster

The foundation of future success. Precision with full control. Well-balanced with smaller handle types suitable for children. An ideal GEWO blade for learning and for any players relying on controlled all-round play.
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