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Rubber Gewo Return Drive
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Gewo Return Drive is a versatile rubber with a high degree of elasticity. Players who prefer a high level of spin plus good control, without any loss of speed, will enjoy playing with the GEWO Return series. The Return Drive is a classic all-round rubber. The tacky, and highly elastic rubber surface, creates shots with utmost spin for both topspin and...
Gewo blade Dynatec ZV
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Table tennis Blades

Gewo blade Dynatec ZV

€41.28 Our previous price €61.90
With Dynatec ZV (Zero Vibration), GEWO is introducing a new Off blade generation. The veneers are manufactured by a specialized German veneer supplier who used their wide range of know-how in the R&D-process for the development of this new type of blade. In the GEWO blade factory, the veneers were finally finished to form Dynatec ZV, meaning that the...
Pack Mega Control + Cover Pack Mega Control + Cover 2
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Ready bats & Packs

Pack Mega Control + Cover

€53.68 Our previous price €87.77
The blade NARAQ Allround Classic offers great control but maintaining an optimal speed that combined with Gewo Mega Flex rubber in 2.0 mm guarantee you the best touch and control to handle the ball safely. The perfect pack for beginners and advanced players. Includes NARAQ Square cover suitable for 2 racquets with interior pockets. The pack is delivered...
Blade GEWO Karas Scepter Blade GEWO Karas Scepter 2
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Table tennis Blades

Blade GEWO Karas Scepter

€76.78 Our previous price €104.88
GEWO Karas Scepter features an innovative, harder Premium Carbon Material which provides for stable ball bouncing, balanced hardness, and a longer dwell time. The synthetic fiber is placed directly under the 0.8 mm thick outer Limba plies. This enables very efficient topspins and counter-topspins, but still offers more than enough control for...
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