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GEWO miniature table Premium
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€49.95 Our previous price €57.90
Have fun with the GEWO miniature table. Easy to set up, great fun to play. Stable design with metal frame and 12 mm thick MDF slab. Comes in cardboard packaging. Net priceDimensions: 62.5 x 38 x 28 cmWeight: 4 kg

GEWO Midi table Premium

The stable GEWO Midi table is ideal for home use. It comes fully assembled and is easy to set up / take down. Net set included. Comes in cardboard packaging. Price netDimensions: 125 x 75 x 72 cmWeight: 16 kg
Ping pong tables

Table Gewo CS Match

Table Gewo CS Match, inexpensive top table tennis table for the ambitious training at home, at school or at the sport club! The very light and therefore easy to handle table has a special 18 mm game surface that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of speed and bounce. The 16mm thick square frame guarantees a stable stand. Since the table halves are...
Ping pong tables

Table Gewo CS Pro 25 ITTF

High-quality table that complies with ITTF guidelines. He can be used in national and international tournaments and competitions. The 25mm special game surface allows a quick and even ball jump. The base is made of high quality metal and absolutely stable. Two fuses on each half of the table provide the necessary safety during assembly and disassembly....
Table Gewo Europa 25 Table Gewo Europa 25 2
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Ping pong tables

Table Gewo Europa 25

€545.45 Our previous price €574.38
High-end competition table for use in national and international tournaments and competitions. Robust table for club use. The table meets Class A requirements of EN 14468-1. The 25 mm thick Micro fine chipboard guarantees optimum high-speed playing proper
Table Gewo Compact Roller Table Gewo Compact Roller 2
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Ping pong tables

Table Gewo Compact Roller

€632.23 Our previous price €669.42
High-quality competition table. Featuring a 22 mm thick special surface providing for optimum, high-speed playing properties and ensuring uniform bouncing of the ball. Robust, durable steel frame. Automatically engaging locks.
Table Gewo Gewomatic SC 25 Table Gewo Gewomatic SC 25 2
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Table Gewo Gewomatic SC 25

€731.41 Our previous price €764.46
Der GEWO Tisch Gewomatic SC 25 ist ein hochwertiger Tischtennistisch der Extraklasse. Ein Weltklasse-Tischtennistisch für Weltklasse-Spieler.Der Gewomatic SC 25 entspricht der Klasse A der europäischen Norm 14468-1.Damit entspricht dieses Modell auch den ITTF Zulassungskriterien. Langlebig, kompakt, stabil und robust. Wettkampftisch mit einer 25mm starken...
Ping pong tables

Table GEWO SC 25 Premium

GEWO SC 25 Premium is the premium model of the GEWO table series. Pure elegance, long life, compactness, stability, maximum and state-of-the-art safety standards plus excellent and consistent bouncing - GEWO SC 25 Premium is the perfect choice! Two years of development resulted in an innovative High-Class competition table.
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