Table tennis Blades

If you are looking for a blade for modern power table tennis, the GEWO Königsklasse KARBON SIEBEN is the perfect choice. The flat trajectory which is typical to carbon materials supports aggressive players who rely on direct point winning. However, each rally starts with the serve and return.
Five carefully selected veneers provide for excellent feel and ultimate control both for close-to-the-table attacking and for mid-distance rallies.The special veneer composition of the GEWO Königsklasse OFF FÜNF also provides for more than enough power for the new poly balls. This blade unites tradition and modern table tennis. 
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Allround Classic

The proven GEWO Allround Classic now comes with a new design, improved playing features and even higher control ratings. You will have the right response to any ball. Ultimate ball control in any situation. Thanks to its excellent features, the GEWO Allround Classic has become a real classic. With its balanced control and tremendous feel for the ball, you...
€42.89 Our previous price €53.64
The GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern allround blade of the highest class. Latest materials and the buttery soft Balsa give the wood the feeling that passive play are essential especially in Allroundund. In addition, the Balsa Carbon GEWO 375 has enough clout to start out all over the court in accordance with controlled offensive actions. The ideal wood...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Balsa Carbón 575

€42.89 Our previous price €53.64
The GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is a full-blank, balanced offensive minus wood. Optimally suited for spin-friendly, direct and romantic near-attack game. The large hitting area (sweet spot) forgives during fast topspin also already not optimal center hits. The GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is for players who prefer the powerful, precise allround / offensive play. The...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Balsa Carbón 775

€42.89 Our previous price €53.64
The GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is a modern offensive blade, in which the latest high-tech materials were used. The GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is one of the fastest timber from the GEWO timber program. The 7.75 mm thick balsa middle layer guarantees the players in all offensive actions enormous pace and impact, without neglecting the necessary security and control...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Force ARC

€71.82 Our previous price €90.83
Gewo Force ARC optimally combines high-tech carbon and aramid (ARC) materials with high-quality seasoned wood veneers. The carbon ensures high speed and extreme stability, the aramid a good feel for the ball. Feel the balanced hardness and optimal playing feeling. Consistent playing characteristics over almost the entire racket surface are achieved...
Ultralight all-round blade for ultimate control. The balsa ply provides for exact and to-the-point feedback when the blade hits ball. With maximum reliability in all playing situations, this extraordinary all-round blade enables precise placement and reduces the number of unforced errors. The built-in CFL Technology provides for excellent speed and...
The Hybrid Carbon M/Speed (Moderate Speed) blade provides excellent playing features thanks to CFL Technology as well as a maximum of controlled power combined with extraordinary ball control. Hybrid Carbon M/Speed is the perfect balance of speed, weight and flexibility. Experience more power and spin for topspins and smashes and great feel and control in...
Thanks to CFL Technology, the Hybrid Carbon X/Speed provides unbelievable directional stability, especially in high-speed rallies. A premium-end offensive blade with exceptional power. The unique composite structure of the blade not only enables fast and hard playing but also provides for a new spin experience.
Table tennis Blades

Blade GEWO Karas Scepter

€76.78 Our previous price €104.88
GEWO Karas Scepter features an innovative, harder Premium Carbon Material which provides for stable ball bouncing, balanced hardness, and a longer dwell time. The synthetic fiber is placed directly under the 0.8 mm thick outer Limba plies. This enables very efficient topspins and counter-topspins, but still offers more than enough control for...
The GEWO Offense wood is a very easy to play offensive-oriented basic table tennis racket with 5 layers. For variable and safe topspin variations, hard hitting and precise blocking and counter-attacking. Ideal for offensive-minded beginners or those returning to the game who rely on controlled offense.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Power Control

New design and better playing features. This blade offers excellent control at surprising speed! The new Power Control unites the power of an offensive blade with the great feel of an all-round blade. For attacking all-rounders relying on precision. It combines lightness, great feel, control and power in a "tamed" variant. 
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Youngster

The foundation of future success. Precision with full control. Well-balanced with smaller handle types suitable for children. An ideal GEWO blade for learning and for any players relying on controlled all-round play.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Zoom Balance All+

GEWO Zoom Balance ALL combines three premium wood plies Kiri, Ayous to each other. With the inner Ayous plies and a Kiri middle ply, it makes a great combination of balance and feel ("Rubber Impulse"). The layers provide for a large Sweet Spot, good bending strength and unique Power Feedback to meet the requirements of modern table tennis.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Zoom Pro

Zoom Pro the easiest way to improve your game.Medium-soft core and harder outer veneers. Due to the special bonding, the energy is released step by stepand continuously released. The Zoom Pro is very easy to play and gives you a very good balance between speed, feeling and weight.
Zoom Pro the easiest way to improve your game.Medium-soft core and harder outer veneers. Due to the special bonding, the energy is released step by stepand continuously released. The Zoom Pro is very easy to play and gives you a very good balance between speed, feeling and weight.
Special manifacture from the brand BARNA ORIGINAL.This asymmetrical combination blade utilises two different sides with different speed properties.The backhand side is entirely independent due to a newly developed manufacturing technology and offers slow speed with highest control values. Perfect for players with disruptive rubbers or rubbers with sponge...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Hallmark Strategy

Five ply blade available with straight, anatomic or conical handles.A five ply slow blade designed for use with LP rubbers for close to the table play.This blade increases the effect of Super Special when blocking close to the table.Reverse rubber can be used on the other side which gives a good contrast for swapping between attack and defence.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Hallmark Ultra

This wood has an extended wood layer andIt is specially designed for a game of offensive disturbances with long pimples. It has a relatively thick raft core andconvinces with a very high quality workforce. Wood is also ideal for rubber with short pimples and aggressive rubber.
€64.38 Our previous price €80.08
A blade designed for creative allround players who need to rely on consistent features of their blade in any situation. The 5-ply ALL design is rather thin and is stabilized by two carbon layers. This results in a harmonic combination of great control and precise attacking potential. The GEWO Aruna ALL+ is recommended for players who feel that most OFF...
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