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Table Tennis Rubbers

Rubber Hallmark Destroyer

the HALLMARK Destroyer table tennis rubber is an easy-to-control rubber. It is a rubber with longer peaks than the medium peaks without reaching long peaks. This makes Hallmark Destroyer very versatile. Can be used by relatively inexperienced players as it has an excellent investment effect that is perfect for scoring points, active blocking. Destroyer is...
Table Tennis Rubbers

Rubber hallmark Tactics-LP

The Tactics LP table tennis rubber is a rubber with long spikes, specially designed for the ABS plastic ball. The spikes are as long as ITTF regulations allow, and they are also exceptionally wide. This guarantees an incredibly low ball bounce, the ball will land very quickly once it is over the net. It is easy to play and control and very easygoing....
Table Tennis Rubbers

Rubber Hallmark Belag Friction Special 2

This long pips-out rubber, though having high grip, still produces irritating pips-out effects.Friction Special 2 is a rather slow type among pips-out rubbers.Recommended especially for the backhand of defensive players relying on close-to-the-table blocking variants. material mix, you will always be in control of the situation and surprise your opponent...
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